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Raising money for LUNGevity is easier than you think! Learn how to raise $1,000 for lung cancer research in just six simple steps.

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The Participant Center is your home for easy and fun online fundraising. This guide will help you customize your Personal Page, e-mail all of your friends and family to ask for their support, and view your progress.

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Are you a team captain or are you considering taking a leadership role in our event? Learn how you can recruit team members and inspire others to commit to ending lung cancer.

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Breathe Deep Stache & Lash 5K

Keene Team


Please join the Keene Team on Saturday, November 22nd, for Breathe Deep Nashville at Shelby Bottoms Park.   In less than three minutes and in just three steps, you can make an impact on a cause we hold close to our hearts. Our connection to lung cancer has motivated us to participate in Breathe Deep Nashville, an event that benefits LUNGevity Foundation's mission to fund lung cancer research.

While colon, breast, and prostate cancer all have reliable early detection tests, lung cancer does not. Currently, only 16% of people diagnosed with lung cancer survive five years post-diagnosis, a percentage significantly lower than that for each of these other cancers. And with early detection, there is hope. With the support of our donors, LUNGevity funds research to develop early detection methods and targeted therapies for lung cancer.

Through the generosity and hard work of lung cancer research supporters like you, LUNGevity was able to fund $3 million in biomarker-based translational research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer in fiscal year 2012.

LUNGevity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Keene Team Raised
Rebecca McClure $460.00
Dianne Albright $25.00
Elizabeth Arnett $30.00
Austin Baggett $30.00
Betsy Baggett $30.00
Henry Baggett $30.00
Lina Baggett $30.00
Andrea Ewald $30.00
Rich Ewald $30.00
Mary Fisher $30.00
Mandy Greene $30.00
Beverly Hanley $30.00
Patrick Hanley $30.00
Marilyn Hassell $30.00
Warner Hassell $60.00
Courtney Hood $25.00
kay hopson $25.00
Rudy Johnson $35.00
Susan Johnson $30.00
Courtney Jones $30.00
Lee Jones $30.00
Logan Jones $0.00
Charles D. Keene $25.00
Rebecca Keene $1,900.00
Katie Kitchen $30.00
Madison Kitchen $15.00
Garnett Ladd III $30.00
Garnett Ladd IV $30.00
Nancy Ladd $30.00
David Leavitt $30.00
Laura Lehman $25.00
Whitney Malone $35.00
Brian McClure $25.00
Rebecca Newsom $35.00
Bryce Sanders $30.00
Jody Sanders $30.00
Reed Smith $30.00
Diane Sperry $55.00
Keith Sperry $60.00
Abby Vonachen $30.00
Charene Watson $50.00
Edward West $30.00
Kingston Wilson $15.00
Chip Woodard $30.00
Marty Woodard $30.00
Denotes a Team Captain

Keene Team


100+ percent of goal achieved.