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Breathe Deep DC

Team List


Teams registered for Breathe Deep DC

A Wish for Sunshine 

Captain: Kelly Lowe

5 team members  

Ann and Joanie's Sticky Buns 

Captain: Lawrence Kaplan

63 team members  

BahBah Black Sheep 

Captain: Shelly Urrutia

3 team members  

Bald Eagle 1 

Captain: Andrianna Backhus

10 team members  

BEST Bannockburn Elementary School Team 

Captain: Ross Mills

61 team members  

Big daddy 

Captain: Lauren Galloway

12 team members  

Binky's Brigade 

Captain: Patience Smith

13 team members  


Captain: Melissa Eddy

10 team members  

Breathe for Bonnie 

Captain: Sara Wachtel

19 team members  

Breathe for Rhonda 

Captain: Jessica Frank

17 team members  

Brenda and Barbara 

Captain: Barbara Leonard

21 team members  

Bubbles Sunflowers 

Captain: Dawn Harrison

1 team member  

Call of Duty for Tim Gaither 

Captain: Angela Gaither

10 team members  

Cancer Sucks 

Captain: Kelly Wing

1 team member  

Carpe Breathem 

Captain: Kathy Lyon

25 team members  

CEB Alungni 

Captain: Carol McCormack

22 team members  

CEB Channel Marketing 

Captain: Sandy Almeida

14 team members  

CEB Events Team 

Captain: Allison Roeser

9 team members  


Captain: Terence Reynolds

11 team members  

CEB HR East 

Captain: Anna Woodruff

7 team members  

CEB in the Community 

Captain: Lisa Landis

5 team members  

CEB Middle Market 

Captain: Maggie Petri

15 team members  

CEB Tech Practice 

Captain: Rumki Saha

4 team members  

Charlotte's Web 

Captain: Cindy Hartmann

4 team members  


Captain: Jon Lerner

4 team members  

Dorothy "Bubba" Kutcher 

Captain: Rebecca Bortnick

5 team members  


Captain: Christina Yuknis

17 team members  

Eleanors soldiers 

Captain: Jazzmen Jackson

2 team members  

eLUNGate Your Life 

Captain: Jessica Adler

14 team members  

Farhad's Angels 

Captain: Tala Shahlavi

36 team members  

For Nana 

Captain: Nicole Healy

5 team members  

For Pop-Pop 

Captain: Ella Barton

4 team members  

Free to Breathe: ParaLee Taylor 

Captain: Alicen Irby

1 team member  

Gail Force Wind 

Captain: Michelle Hill

9 team members  

Georgie Girl 

Captain: Brittney Molloy

1 team member  

Ginny's Hummingbirds 

Captain: Madeline Friedman

1 team member  

Guess this is for you 

Captain: Tammy Guess

7 team members  

Gursky's Gang 

Captain: Sheila Gursky

2 team members  


Captain: Keith Mortman

13 team members  

G~Mom's Team 

Captain: Jamie Adams

5 team members  

James D. Walker Team 

Captain: susan walker

1 team member  

Joey Smith's Team 

Captain: Natalie Smith

7 team members  

Johnny's Earth Angels 

Captain: Valerie Beckett

10 team members  

Kanpur's Bravest 

Captain: Priya Berry

13 team members  

Karen's Krushers 

Captain: Mandy McManamon

4 team members  

Kathy's Krew 

Captain: Connie Guercin

12 team members  

Kreuz'n For A Kure 

Captain: Greta Kreuz

65 team members  


Captain: Kellie Mullarkey

2 team members  

Living to get Lei'd 

Captain: Kristin Black

8 team members  

Lois' Ladies 

Captain: Gina Henderson

2 team members  

Ma Dukes' Strollers 

Captain: Sheila Dukes

3 team members  

Matt's Bats 

Captain: Matt's Bats

14 team members  


Captain: Jessica Robinson

3 team members  

Molly's Marchers 

Captain: Liz Fiallo

4 team members  

Moo-ving For a Cure 

Captain: Coryn Tower

2 team members  


Captain: Richard Ordeman

7 team members  


Captain: Derek Pacifico

22 team members  

Pam's Peeps - DC 

Captain: Natalie Morgan

6 team members  

Pearls are for GIRLS 

Captain: LaKisha Cole

4 team members  

Phyllis' Flyers 

Captain: Jessica Fepelstein

18 team members  

Pirates of the cure-ibbean 

Captain: Margot Cohen

11 team members  

Rockin with Rolo 

Captain: Karen Strzyz

44 team members  

ROLE with the KLOCKs 


21 team members  

Rose E. Woodland 

Captain: Yvette Powell

9 team members  


Captain: Susan Davis

8 team members  

She Saved Me 

Captain: Kanitra Phillips

6 team members  

SMAC & FS - Live Lung & Prosper! 

Captain: Darcey Bennett

35 team members  

Sorkin Squad 

Captain: Jerome Sorkin

98 team members  

Souls of Gold 

Captain: Jeanine Goldsmith

4 team members  

Stayin Alive 

Captain: Karen Conaway

6 team members  

Steighner Family 

Captain: Laura Steighner

4 team members  

Supermoms Fighting Lung Cancer 

Captain: Alissa Parady

7 team members  

Team 2620 

Captain: Autumn Kladder

3 team members  

Team Al 

Captain: Courtney Abrams

16 team members  



69 team members  

Team Alvarado! 

Captain: Jennifer Ward

51 team members  

Team Barlow 

Captain: Ben Barlow

11 team members  

Team Bette 

Captain: Tracey Rubendall

4 team members  

Team BS 

Captain: Barbara Romito

3 team members  

Team Bucher 

Captain: Darin Bucher

5 team members  

Team Dorothy 

Captain: Arlene Goldstein

4 team members  

Team Frank 

Captain: Kate Davidson Choma

3 team members  

Team Gauthier 

Captain: Kacie Gauthier

5 team members  

Team Giblin 

Captain: Megan Giblin

3 team members  

Team Graves 

Captain: Erin Graves

27 team members  

Team Has 

Captain: Dena Shah

30 team members  

Team Hirsch 

Captain: Frances Hirsch

4 team members  

Team Kennett 

Captain: Chip Kennett

125 team members  

Team Laura 

Captain: Ryan Marvel

2 team members  

Team Lorzing 

Captain: Jackie Lorzing

13 team members  

Team MaryAnn 

Captain: June Connor

2 team members  

Team O'Brien 

Captain: Susan Dreiman

3 team members  

Team O'Donnell 

Captain: Jeffrey O'Donnell

16 team members  

Team Osborne 

Captain: Michael Osborne

3 team members  

Team PhRMA 

Captain: Anne Pritchett

19 team members  

Team Portner 

Captain: Phillip Portner

53 team members  

Team Sally 

Captain: Juanita Gallion

5 team members  

Team Susan 

Captain: Sarah Belausteguui

6 team members  

Team W 

Captain: Elysa Warren

6 team members  

Team Wonderland 

Captain: Ranna Armstrong

5 team members  



11 team members  

The Crabby Rabbits 

Captain: Amy Wiedemann

9 team members  

TMAC - Talent Management Against Cancer 

Captain: Jeff Pfiffner

22 team members  

True Grit 

Captain: Leslie Martes

2 team members  

Turn Down For Lung 

Captain: Joshua Sorkin

16 team members  

Warrior Moms 


2 team members  

Z Squad 

Captain: jennifer shappell

10 team members