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Breathe Deep DuPage: A Walk & Rally to Stop Lung Cancer

Team List


Teams registered for Breathe Deep DuPage: A Walk & Rally to Stop Lung Cancer

A Mary Bunch 

Captain: Steven McCarthy

5 team members  

Always in our Hearts 

Captain: Beverly Mellars-Craney

3 team members  

Awakening Soles 

Captain: Christine Leali-Perkins

3 team members  


Captain: Stacey Carney

3 team members  

Cathy Darin Crusaders 2014 

Captain: Teresa Amalfitano

3 team members  

Cora's Crew 

Captain: Dena Hicks

17 team members  

Crane Co 

Captain: Susan Cherekos

5 team members  

Enrique Escalante 

Captain: Maria Escalante

1 team member  

For The Love of Sharon 

Captain: Jennifer Kindstrom

2 team members  


Captain: Linda Tiscareno

5 team members  

Gary's Girls 

Captain: Danielle Schneider

29 team members  

Going against the Current 

Captain: Erin Gidley

6 team members  

Jack McCleary 

Captain: Linda McCleary

2 team members  

Kathy Kools LOVE TRAIN 

Captain: Ray and Diane Castellano

5 team members  

Meg's Minions 

Captain: Stephen Smith

7 team members  

Spaghetti & Golf Balls 

Captain: Denilae Strok

7 team members  

Steps for Sue 

Captain: Melissa Fosco

31 team members  

Strides for Sue 

Captain: Kimberly Rohan

4 team members  

Team Apples 

Captain: Maureen Smith

6 team members  

Team Ashton 

Captain: Catherine Bonine

3 team members  

Team Jerry 

Captain: Jan Cisneros

16 team members  

Team Jim 

Captain: Nicole Graf

1 team member  

Team Klocek 

Captain: Nikki Pietrzak

11 team members  

Team Nana #1 

Captain: Lucia & Jim Rotella

3 team members  

Team Ro 

Captain: Sharon Andersen

13 team members  

Team Tammy 

Captain: Diane Foster

10 team members  

Team Tigger 

Captain: Anita Velagapudi

20 team members  

Team Tom 

Captain: Michele Bowles

58 team members  

Team Verla Whinery 

Captain: Robert Whinery

4 team members  

Thelma and Louise 

Captain: Lindsay Gabrielson

3 team members  


Captain: Diane Hanley

24 team members