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Breathe Deep Kansas City

Team List


Teams registered for Breathe Deep Kansas City


Captain: Crista Caldwell

13 team members  

Heidi Everley Memorial Team 

Captain: Ashley Garren

3 team members  

It's a Beautiful Day Team 

Captain: Jennifer Leeth

3 team members  

Jenny Chancy Memorial Team 

Captain: Chris Chancy

3 team members  


Captain: Kyndra Stockdale

8 team members  


Captain: Heather Domabyl

1 team member  

Make Your Mark 

Captain: Ruth Everhart

4 team members  

Photo Bombers 

Captain: Kelsea Nottage

10 team members  

Rita's Angels 

Captain: Amy Altherr

7 team members  

Rosie's Walkers 

Captain: Stacy Rebek

6 team members  

Royal Runners 

Captain: Gregory Coy

8 team members  

Team Alegra 

Captain: Patricia Perkins

8 team members  

Team BD - Odessa 

Captain: Jane Laughlin

7 team members  

Team CWM 

Captain: Erin Park

3 team members  

Team Jim 

Captain: Shelby Powell

22 team members  

Team Kenny Farris 

Captain: Shelby Cavanah

12 team members  

Team Kline 

Captain: Debby Davis

6 team members  

Team Miranda "PMA All the Way" 

Captain: Pamela Ruebelmann

19 team members  

Team Monty 

Captain: Kim Bally

1 team member  

Team Renee A. Meyers 

Captain: Molly Garrett

11 team members  

Team Sara Forever 

Captain: John Ratzenberger

7 team members  

Team Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP 

Captain: Scott Goldstein

7 team members  

Team Wacky 

Captain: Kristie Sigler

2 team members  

Top 2% 

Captain: Christy Fischer

5 team members  

Trixie's Trotters 

Captain: Janet Hollands

14 team members  

UMKC/KU School of Pharmacy 

Captain: Giovanni Brown

4 team members  

Village People 

Captain: Sharon Prothe

2 team members  

Wiethan's Winners 

Captain: Erika Vikor

5 team members