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Breathe Deep Michigan 5K Walk

Team List


Teams registered for Breathe Deep Michigan 5K Walk

2SP Sports Family 

Captain: Heather Hermiz

7 team members  

Air Supply 

Captain: Lynda Novak

10 team members  

Belinda's Babes 

Captain: Stephanie Schaffarzek

3 team members  


Captain: Dujla Chirco - Murad

4 team members  

Citadel Call Center Solutions 

Captain: Haytham Hermiz

8 team members  

Daniel Fisher 

Captain: Katherine Suhrheinrich

27 team members  

Deb's Team 

Captain: Donna Mancini

20 team members  

Gene's Team 

Captain: Kelli Rapaski

5 team members  

Grammy Suki 

Captain: Sarah Love

10 team members  

Holly's Hot Tamales 

Captain: Brie Hesano

16 team members  

Jan's Clan 

Captain: Caryn Ellis

9 team members  

Jerry Burton 

Captain: Jerry Burton

3 team members  

John's Warriors 

Captain: Megan Carolin

11 team members  

Keven`s Curesader`s 

Captain: Kevin Schwartz

7 team members  

Love Infusion 

Captain: Mitchell DeDona

5 team members  

Marc's Marchers 

Captain: Marc Rosenzweig

16 team members  


Captain: Sue Atwell

8 team members  

Pam's Peeps 

Captain: Pam Barber

7 team members  

Penelope's Power 

Captain: Katie Avesian

15 team members  

Susie's Steppers 

Captain: Susan Jacobs

1 team member  

TDC Dancin' Divas 

Captain: Jessica Bentley

105 team members  

Team Diane 

Captain: Sarah Allen

4 team members  

Team Donna 

Captain: Narayan Sivaraman

6 team members  


Captain: Lindsey Rossman

5 team members  



7 team members  

Team Nancy 

Captain: Julie Garcia

9 team members  

Team Robbie 

Captain: Robbie Martinez

6 team members  

Torgie's Trotters 

Captain: Sheryl Dalton

5 team members