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Breathe Deep North Shore

Team List


Teams registered for Breathe Deep North Shore

Applause for Audrey Johnson 

Captain: Sharel Shindler

15 team members  

Arnold's Angels 

Captain: Maria Kolligris

23 team members  

Astellas Oncology 

Captain: Valerie Hankins

192 team members  

Book Lovers 

Captain: Ellie Sylvan

8 team members  

Camp Kesem Northwestern 

Captain: Reed Hayne

2 team members  

CJE Seniorlife/Weinberg Community 

Captain: Michelle Bernstein

13 team members  

Coldwell Banker Deerfield 

Captain: Ellen Cole

31 team members  

Deerfield Distance Crew 

Captain: Reilly Grant

6 team members  

Deerfield Police & Fire 

Captain: Rick Bernas

19 team members  

DHS Girls Soccer 

Captain: Shae Feldman

9 team members  

Elyse's Legacy 

Captain: Sue Bersh

63 team members  

FAMLI Volunteers 


35 team members  

Feet of Fury 

Captain: Allison Marshall

21 team members  

Get Movin' for Gary 

Captain: Jan Caron

38 team members  

Gigi's Gang 

Captain: Debbie Peilet

59 team members  

Green Team 

Captain: Sheryl Green

4 team members  

Green Trek 

Captain: Cheri Buell

3 team members  

jump for Jill 

Captain: Maya Feldman

35 team members  

Just Breathe 

Captain: Jill Feldman

117 team members  

Karen's Krew 

Captain: Karen Gruen

28 team members  

Kellogg Top Team 

Captain: Gail Ronkoske

25 team members  

Kleiman Cares 

Captain: Lisa Kleiman

4 team members  

Luv our Mom's 

Captain: Dede Ginsberg

14 team members  

Mama Sharon 

Captain: Jim Walters

5 team members  

Mary O'Shea 

Captain: Katie Schweinsberg

7 team members  

Nina's Angels 

Captain: Alison Delariva

4 team members  

North Shore Legislators (Team Nekritz-Biss-Fine) 

Captain: Elaine Nekritz

6 team members  


Captain: Olivia Glantz

9 team members  


Captain: Tanya Gierut

16 team members  

Phyl's Fan Club 

Captain: Caryn Neumann

10 team members  

Play Makers 

Captain: Tracy Anderson

17 team members  

PPL Group 

Captain: Tanya Kenmore

10 team members  

Rabbi Kay 

Captain: Diana Marcus

4 team members  

Running for Rich 

Captain: Ashley Luft

2 team members  

Silberstein Smiles 

Captain: Ashley Malasanos

13 team members  

T and S 

Captain: Debra Baum

5 team members  

Team Aghion 

Captain: Debbie Aghion

3 team members  

Team Beban 

Captain: Renata Moore

52 team members  

Team Brad 

Captain: Jamie Patton

13 team members  

Team Drury 

Captain: Shelby Drury

3 team members  

Team Geifman 

Captain: Liz Geifman

5 team members  

Team HF! 

Captain: Shelly Murphy

1 team member  

Team Ivy 

Captain: Roz Topolski

66 team members  

Team Jake! 

Captain: Jake Lewis

21 team members  

Team Jaramy 

Captain: Mark Arbus

3 team members  

Team K 

Captain: Anna Kartcheva

8 team members  

Team Levitas 

Captain: Lisa Levitas

10 team members  



175 team members  

Team Missy 

Captain: Glenn Zagon

16 team members  

Team Morrison 

Captain: Julie Morrison

4 team members  

Team Schraiber 

Captain: Judy Schraiber

19 team members  

Team Silverwood 

Captain: Kristin Silverwood

3 team members  

Team Tess 

Captain: Tess Levitt

36 team members  

Team Wittich 

Captain: Sandra Wittich

17 team members  

The Schaumberger Family 

Captain: Tarali Schaumberger

5 team members  

United Stationers 

Captain: Cody Phipps

34 team members  

Warriors for Juan 

Captain: Lisa Velez

4 team members