Tribute, Memorial, and Honor Program

LUNGevity Tribute Funds

A Tribute Fund allows numerous individuals to donate over time to a research fund established in honor or memory of an individual, family, or event.
You can create a new Tribute Fund, or you can search our existing Tribute Funds in order to donate to a Fund that has already been established.

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Once a Tribute Fund is created, it has its own website, on which visitors can sign a guestbook, make a donation, look at pictures, and read information about the individual, family, or event being honored.  The Tribute Fund website displays the names all the donors to the fund, and provides a total of all contributions to the Fund.

A Tribute Fund is created by a “Champion,” the person who completes the simple forms necessary to establish the Fund. The forms ask for some basic information:

  • What to name the Tribute Fund;
  • The name and contact information for the Fund honoree, Champion, and “next of kin” (the person who should be notified when donations to the fund are made).

Once a Tribute Fund is established, the Champion receives a user name and password, and can log into our Champion Center from our homepage at The Champion Center allows the Champion to personalize the Tribute Fund website with photographs and text, to send out e-mails to people who might like to visit the fund, and to get information about the fund’s activity.

A Tribute Fund can stay active for as long as the Champion wants.

Donations to Tribute Funds may be made online or by phone (312-407-6100) or by mail (click here for a form to accompany your check). If you call or mail, make sure you tell us to which Tribute Fund your donation should be made.

Contributors who make donations online receive acknowledgement by e-mail, and the fund Champion and “next-of-kin” receive notification by e-mail with the name of the donor, but not the amount of the donation. Contributors who make donations by mail or phone receive acknowledgement by letter, and may request that additional acknowledgement letters be sent to the fund Champion or other recipients.