LUNGevity offers the largest online network of support for all people affected by lung cancer.

We also provide the opportunity and platform to raise awareness about the challenges and disparities in lung cancer awareness, patient support and disease treatment by helping to make lung cancer a national priority and funding innovative research.

We are grateful for our generous donors whose support allows us to offer these free services.

Lung Cancer Support Community

supportLCSC is the largest online lung cancer support network, providing users with an extensive message board including the latest lung cancer information and notices of lung cancer events and advocacy opportunities.

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HOPE Summits

HOPE Summit, hugComing up:
Seattle HOPE Summit
Aug. 15-16, Seattle, WA

LUNGevity HOPE Summits are conferences for lung cancer survivors: anyone who has ever been diagnosed with lung cancer of any stage, in or out of active treatment. They're informative and inspiring!

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Survivor Resource Center

resourcesThe Survivor Resource Center is a hub for survivors at any stage of their lung cancer journey looking for support, information, treatment options, and other resources to make coping and living with lung cancer easier.

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Caregiver Resource Center

caregiver resourcesBeing a caregiver is both a rewarding and challenging experience. In our Caregiver Resource Center, you'll learn ways to ask for help from friends and family, to get support from other caregivers, and to get real help with end-of-life issues.

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LUNGevity LifeLine

woman on phone.jpgOur LifeLine program gives people with lung cancer or their loved ones a one-on-one personal connection with a lung cancer survivor or co-survivor (family members and caregivers) who has walked the lung cancer journey and come out the other side.

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LUNGevity Advocacy Toolkit

brochuresWhen you become a local lung cancer advocate, you join your voice with those of grassroots advocates across the country. Our Advocacy Toolkit will give you all the information you'll need to get started.

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LUNGevity LinkUP

Breathe Deep T-shirtGet empowered! Sign up to receive the training and support you need to become an active participant in the fight against lung cancer. Together we can make lung cancer into a national priority.

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Stories of Hope

woman writing in notebook.jpgWe know you have stories to tell, and quite often they're helpful to others out there going through similar experiences. Submit your story, or your ideas for stories, and you can help us share the message of hope.

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Faces of Hope

Faces of Hope 2013 - Blume & StranathanThere's nothing more powerful than hearing stories of living with lung cancer straight from survivors themselves. In this video series, survivors at different stages of the disease talk about the reality of receiving a lung cancer diagnosis, and their quiet strength will inspire you.

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