Reto Braun

Mr. Braun is Chairman of the Earth Council e-Learning, a state-of-the-art, online learning center that offers courses and training programs on climate change, global trade, sustainability, and biodiversity to individuals, organizations, and countries.

Reto Braun, 58, was educated in Switzerland, France and England, and has an extensive background in managing and developing global companies.

Mr. Braun was most recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Fantastic Corporation, a global leader in broadband multimedia solutions and before that, the Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Post. The Swiss Post is the largest organization in Switzerland, with over 40.000 employees and revenues of 5.6 billion Swiss Francs. Mr. Braun was instrumental in expanding the Swiss Post's strategy internationally, as well as introducing e-commerce services.


From 1993 - 97, Reto Braun headed the Canadian Moore Corporation as Chairman and CEO.

Up to 1993, Reto Braun spent 24 years with Unisys (a combination of Burroughs, Sperry, Memorex and other I.T. companies), where he held numerous positions in the information services and computer industry. He was a Director, President and Chief Operating Officer of Unisys Corporation, an $ 8 billion world-wide technology company, with a research and development budget of over $ 800 million.

Braun resides in Switzerland with his wife, and has two grown children.