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LUNGevity is proud to release our 2014 Foundation Video. The video featuring stage IV lung cancer survivor, Chip Kennett, was premiered at LUNGevity's NY and DC Galas and speaks to the importance of accelerating lung cancer research.

Donations to LUNGevity help provide support services, as well as funding for research projects to get the science from the lab to the patient faster. Because of this cutting-edge research, and the donors who support it, there is hope.

Deaths vs dollars of federal funding

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Whether you're in New York, San Diego, or somewhere in between, there's probably a Breathe Deep event near you! Join us!

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LUNGevity Hero

LUNGevity Heroes: Ellen Sigal, Jeff Allen

heroes-sept-2014.jpgFriends of Cancer Research Founder and Chairperson Ellen Sigal, PhD, and Executive Director Jeff Allen, PhD, are LUNGevity Heroes for their groundbreaking approach to clinical trials.

Featured Researcher

Lecia SequistDr. Lecia Sequist

Dr. Sequist is studying how drug resistance to targeted therapy occurs and how to prevent it.

Survivor Tips

9 Steps for UV Safety

Make sure you manage the summer sun safely this year! Here are some tips to help you avoid dangerous overexposure.


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Breathe Deep South Jersey
Saturday, November 1, Pennsauken, NJ

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Saturday, Nov. 1, Boston, MA

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Saturday, Nov. 1, New York, NY

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Sunday, Nov. 2, Dallas, TX

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Sunday, Nov. 2, Huntley, IL

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Sunday, Nov. 2, Kansas City, MO

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Sunday, Nov. 2, Washington, DC

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