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  • Awareness of lung cancer
  • Increased research funding into the early detection and treatment of lung cancer
  • Better resources for lung cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers
  • An end to the stigma of lung cancer
    • About 60% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers
    • Regardless of the cause, no one deserves lung cancer

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Signing up for the LinkUP Newsletter will give you a direct link to LUNGevity Foundation staff. We have the largest grassroots lung cancer advocacy network, and we have staff and volunteers who are here to support you.


The LinkUP newsletter gives you exclusive insight into opportunities and ways you can get involved in the lung cancer community.  We aggregate the information for you and post things that impact and benefit people affected by lung cancer. Choose how you want to get involved. National and local opportunities that we are made aware of are posted monthly.


The LinkUP newsletter highlights Foundation news and trending news about lung cancer. We will also periodically spotlight a LUNGevity LinkUP reader’s story on our website and in the newsletter to raise awareness and put a face on lung cancer and the inspirational things our readers are doing ... we may highlight your story!

Stay Connected

Connect with other advocates in your area and around the nation.  Connect virtually through our Facebook and social medial pages and with periodic meetup events. LUNGevity supporters can be local leaders and help organize in-person meetups, as well as volunteer for grassroots events throughout the country.

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