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Making it personal shows why you care.

Sadly, you’re probably reading this because you, or someone you care about, has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

At LUNGevity we dream of a world without lung cancer, but until our vision becomes a reality, there are all too many personal stories to motivate people to join the fight.

Telling your story is key to being an effective advocate. Some people may find it painful to talk about, while others find it healing, but you should never be afraid to speak from the heart about the terrible impact lung cancer has had on so many lives—and what you’re doing about it.

Tell Your Own Story

Everyone’s story is different, and it’s important to tell it your in your own words. Here are a couple of samples to help you get started on your personal narrative.

Story Sample 1:

After my mother died of lung cancer, I became involved in LUNGevity to help honor her memory. My involvement has helped me understand that it is not only about those whom we have lost; it’s also about those who are still fighting. I hope that you will join me in fundraising so that one day everyone who receives a lung cancer diagnosis will have a long-term survivorship story to share.

Story Sample 2:

Lung cancer has struck my family twice—first my father and then myself. Having watched my father’s struggle with this disease, which ultimately took his life, I thought I knew what was in store for me. Finding LUNGevity and learning about new advances in lung cancer treatment, and hope for the future, was the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m learning to live a healthy life in spite of cancer, and I am determined to do whatever I can to raise awareness of the causes and the need for better treatments for lung cancer.

Tell Why You Chose LUNGevity

Letting others know why you chose this organization to support is a good way to convince them they should, too. Below are a few examples of the reasons we hear from our advocates:

“I appreciate that LUNGevity Foundation funds cause-neutral research. I don’t think anyone deserves to die of lung cancer, whether they smoked or not.”

“I trust that LUNGevity is investing the money in research that will lead to early detection methods that might have given my brother a fighting chance.”

“I am thankful to LUNGevity Foundation for the support they provided during my experience with lung cancer, and I want to continue to support them to help others.”

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