Research Summary: Sputum biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer

Grant Recipient: Dr. Feng Jiang
Title of Project: Sputum biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer
Sponsoring Institution:
University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

This grant was funded in part by Upstage Lung Cancer

Cigarette smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. Finding lung cancer earlier in smokers by using low-dose CT followed by appropriate treatments can save lives. However, low-dose CT always causes overdiagnosis. The overdiagnosis requires additional medical evaluation and has negative consequences such as anxiety, additional medical costs, and other harms to the individuals who don’t have cancer. Therefore, noninvasive methods that can improve CT for accurately finding early lung cancer are urgently needed. To this end, we previously developed a panel of sputum-biomarkers (NBC News and AACR Breaking News) that can improve CT’s performance for lung cancer early detection. Yet these biomarkers are still not efficient for clinical use. Herein, we will use the most advanced technique to develop new and effective biomarkers to improve CT for finding lung cancer at early stages in smokers. Future use of the biomarkers together with CT will enable effective treatments to be immediately initiated for lung cancer, and hence decrease lung cancer deaths. It will also avoid harmful treatments to individuals without cancer and cut the tremendous burden of lung cancer on patients, families, and societies. Therefore, this project will strongly support the mission of LUNGevity Foundation.