Research Summary: Biomarkers for personalizing adjuvant therapy in NSCLC increasing cures

Grant Recipient: Dr. David P. Carbone
Title of Project: Biomarkers for personalizing adjuvant therapy in NSCLC – increasing cures
Sponsoring Institution: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Even with all of the targeted therapies being developed today, lung cancer is only curable when diagnosed early enough for surgical resection, or combined chemotherapy and thoracic radiation. The recent finding that screening CTs to identify early stage lung cancers can reduce mortality also refocuses our efforts on improving the definitive therapy of localized disease. In most studies, however, cure rates for stage I or II lung cancers are between 50 and 70%, and chemotherapy after surgery improves this only a few percent, and chemotherapy is toxic in almost all patients. The point of these studies is to increase the number of cures achieved in patients with early stage lung cancer and minimize the side-effects of therapy by attacking 3 goals: 1) identifying which tumors are likely to relapse and thus might benefit from additional therapy, 2) identifying which patients will benefit from the addition of chemotherapy after surgery, and 3) figuring out which signals in tumors are associated with those that will relapse to define new types of treatment targeted at these signals. We will take the novel approach of using both state-of-the-art evaluation of both proteins and genes in the same cells to define these groups.