July 30, 2013
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LUNGevity is proud to announce our 2013 Research Awards!

Six exceptional researchers have received 2013 LUNGevity Lung Cancer Research Awards, enabling promising research into managing lung cancer treatment more effectively, as well as preventing the disease in high-risk populations. They join a community of brilliant LUNGevity-funded scientists across the country, who are working to help people with lung cancer live longer and better.

2013 Career Development Awards for Translational Research were made to the following researchers.

Timothy Burns

Timothy Burns, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, for "Targeting KRAS-mutant NSCLC through inhibition of mTOR and Hsp90"

David Kozono

David Kozono, MD, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, for "Biomarkers for NSCLC radiosensitization by proteasome inhibition"

Meredith Tennis

Meredith Tennis, PhD, University of Colorado Denver, for "Biomarkers for targeted lung cancer chemoprevention"



2013 Targeted Therapeutics Awards for Translational Research were made to the following researchers.

Balazs Halmos

Balazs Halmos, MD, Columbia University Medical Center, for "Identification of predictive biomarkers of chemoradiotherapy in lung cancer"

Lecia Sequist

Lecia V. Sequist, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, for "Determining mechanisms of resistance to next-generation EGFR inhibitors"

Frank Slack

Frank J. Slack, PhD, Yale University, for "Targeting KRAS mutations in lung cancer"


The work of these talented researchers will help ensure continued progress in fighting lung cancer. Special thanks to Genentech and our other donors for their support of the LUNGevity Scientific Research Awards Program. Read more about these exciting projects. In addition to these awards, LUNGevity will announce funding for awards through its Early Detection Awards Program later this year. Please stay tuned!


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