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Welcome to Spring! We hope you take a moment to read about all of the wonderful upcoming events that bring communities of survivors, scientists and dedicated volunteers together to drive progress in lung cancer research and awareness, and to celebrate survivorship.

LUNGevity’s Spring Science Meeting: Reporting Impact and Accelerating Progress

On April 14-15, LUNGevity Awardees, Scientific Advisory Board members and other scientific reviewers will convene in Chicago for LUNGevity’s Spring Science Meeting.

Dr. Lauren ByersThis year, twelve current Awardees will present their results to date, including opportunities for additional collaboration across the LUNGevity scientific community. We will also be reviewing 37 new applications for the 2013 LUNGevity Awards Program. The strongest applications identified in each of the three award groups—Early Detection, Targeted Therapies and Career Development—will become our 2013 Awardees, dedicated to making an impact for the lung cancer community. Stay tuned for the June announcement! Click here to learn more about our research program.

May is Lung Cancer Hope Month!

We are excited to kick-off this year’s Lung Cancer Hope Month with our 3rd Annual Survivor Hope Summit taking place in Washington, DC, May 3-5. The Hope Summit is designed specifically for lung cancer survivors at any stage of diagnosis and any point in their lung cancer journey. At the Summit, survivors meet other lung cancer survivors, share their stories, learn about the latest advances in lung cancer treatment, and make life-long friendships. As one of last year’s participants said, “Being in a room with 50 or so cancer survivors is an awe-inspiring event. Being in a room with 50 or so LUNG cancer survivors is as life-changing as the disease itself.” Learn more about the Summit here.

Dedicated Volunteer Event Coordinators Making the Difference

Grassroots Leadership SummitWe are grateful for each and every dedicated volunteer—all vital to our success in raising awareness and funds for lung cancer research. Together we have built the largest lung cancer grassroots network in the country, and we have only just begun!

In March, 35 dedicated Breathe Deep volunteer event leaders joined for the annual Grassroots Leadership Summit to meet each other, share ideas, hear about progress in lung cancer research, and learn best practices in event management. Most importantly, they learned how to be the most effective lung cancer advocates possible. Join an event near you, or start a new one! For more information, contact Diana Aldecoa.

Meet the New Additions to LUNGevity’s Board of Directors

We are honored by the commitment of our dedicated Board of Directors and excited to announce these new additions, who are contributing their experience and wisdom in scientific research, marketing, financial and general management, and public and government relations.

Peter Babej
, Global Co-Head of the Financial Institutions Group at Citigroup, Inc.

Grace Bender
, founder of infinisity, inc., which produces healthcare aids such as mymedmanager™

Dr. Pierre Massion
, Chairman of LUNGevity’s Scientific Advisory Board and Director of the Thoracic Program at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

Chris Olivier
, a principal in Craft Catalyst, a beverage brand accelerator helping emerging brands manage their growth

Chris came to LUNGevity through our recent merger with Take Aim At Cancer, an Atlanta based non-profit focused on raising funds and awareness for targeted cancer therapy. LUNGevity is delighted that Take Aim at Cancer has joined LUNGevity to help accelerate the funding of as much impactful research as possible.

Read more about these and the other dedicated members of LUNGevity’s Board of Directors.


Breathe Deep Blue Ridge

Saturday, April 20

Blue Ridge, GA

Breathe Deep Columbia

Saturday, April 20

Columbia, MD

Breathe Deep Haymarket

Saturday, April 27

Haymarket, VA

Breathe Deep North Shore

Sunday, April 28

Deerfield, IL

Labrecque/LUNGevity Foundations Run As One

Sunday, April 28

New York, NY

Breathe Deep Bay Area

Sunday, April 28

San Jose, CA


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