Caregiver Corner

This information can help you ask for help, ensure you take time out for yourself, and learn how to live life after lung cancer.

Asking for help
Life after lung cancer
Caregiver fatigue

Being a Health Care Advocate

Becoming a health care advocate for your loved one takes time, but these tips can help you feel more confident and better organized.

Medical visits

Insurance, Finance, and Employment

It is important to consider insurance and financial requirements and constraints. Deciphering what should be paid when and by whom is often a complex and intimidating task. There are resources available to help you navigate through and plan for financial considerations.


End-of-Life Planning

Whether healthy or ill, none of us likes to think about end-of-life issues. Yet even the youngest and healthiest among us are well advised to plan as early as possible for end-of-life affairs and decisions. 

Legal and Financial Considerations
Hospice Decisions
Preparing When Death Is Near
Grieving the Loss