Caregiver Corner: Life After Lung Cancer

A lung cancer diagnosis is life-changing for the caregiver as well as the person with the disease. Your role in life became that of a caregiver managing your loved one's health care, treatments, and appointment in addition to family and financial responsibilities, which may have taken a physical and emotional toll. Caregivers might feel lost as to what to do after their role as caregiver has ended.  Your loved one is on the road to recovery or has passed away. What’s next?

The resources below offer a broad overview of things you might encounter after the care giving role is over. 

Life After Cancer Treatment

Many cancer survivors have told us that, while they felt they had lots of information and support during their illness, once treatment stopped they entered a whole new world – one filled with new questions. This booklet was written by the National Cancer Institute to share common feelings and reactions that many people just like you have had after treatment ended. 

Re-entering the Workforce

This article from the Huffington Post provides a list of things to consider when transitioning from the caregiver role and re-entering the workforce. 

Dealing with Grief, Mourning and Bereavement

This article from the American Cancer Society helps explain the grieving process when losing a loved one. Although not specific to lung cancer caregivers, it provides information on both the emotional and physical challenges when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

LUNGevity LifeLine Support Partners

You may want to volunteer to mentor, encourage, and support other caregivers who are starting the lung cancer journey with their loved one.

LUNGevity Lung Cancer Support Community

The LUNGevity Lung Cancer Support Community is a wonderful resource that allows users to post messages and receive advice from fellow caregivers. Many members have faced the loss of a loved one to lung cancer, and this online forum allows members to freely express their emotions while remaining a part of the lung cancer community. 

LUNGevity LinkUp

LUNGevity’s LinkUp program provides an opportunity for individuals to remain involved in the lung cancer community as advocates. Many former caregivers and patients elect to join this advocacy group to help increase awareness of the disease, lobby for additional research funds, and help end the stigma associated with lung cancer.