End-of-Life Planning

Making Difficult Decisions When You Can, Rather Than When You Need To

Whether healthy or ill, none of us likes to think about end-of-life issues. Yet even the youngest and healthiest among us are well advised to plan as early as possible for end-of-life affairs and decisions. With lung cancer, unfortunately, there is an even greater urgency than with most other illnesses. The speed with which the cancer can progress from diagnosis makes these considerations even more critical.

Caregivers are in the best position to help people with lung cancer address, as early as possible, the practical, logistical, and emotional concerns implicit in a typically fast-moving disease. Those not appropriately prepared risk facing the very difficult, complicated, expensive, and emotionally wrenching prospect of managing end-of-life issues without the proper perspective, time, and resources.

This topic center is meant to provide resources and identify key issues for the lung cancer caregiver when contemplating end-of-life planning, by focusing on: