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LUNGevity's Caregiver Resource Center is a central hub for lung cancer caregivers.

  • “Caregivers may struggle with their own anger and frustration over their loved one's disease because they too may be struggling with their own emotions that are brought about by lung cancer. The resources available to these caregivers are few and far between. But a dedicated place where THESE caregivers can find others who encounter the same challenges, who deal with the same emotions, who are seeking the same answers, will be a bright spot in what can be a lonely, emotional, and challenging time.”

    Nick C., caregiver to mom, 2006
  • “There were many times as a caregiver when I needed some support, but I was unable to find much, if any, lung-cancer-specific caregiver support on the internet. A resource like this is so important for caregivers to find all needed information in one place, so they are not spending hours searching for answers to their questions. Information in one centralized place means spending more time where they are needed most, with their loved ones who are battling this difficult disease. Caregivers need support too.”

    Nikole V., caregiver to dad, 2009
  • “The CRC will be an invaluable resource for lung cancer caregivers. I’ve been a caregiver for my parents, both of whom have lung cancer. On the message boards I was able to connect with real people ... patients and caregivers. I was able to ask real questions and get real advice on symptoms, medications, side effects, and coping mechanisms. This information allowed me to go to doctor appointments with my parents armed with knowledge and questions.  I was so blessed to have found LUNGevity!” 

    Andrea S., both parents living with and surviving lung cancer
  • "Caring for and supporting my husband, Bill, through lung cancer was the most important thing I’ve ever done. As a 43-year-old who had never before faced a serious health issue, the word “caregiver” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. A caregiver resource center specific to lung cancer would have been a most welcome and invaluable resource. Caregivers are under tremendous pressure. They must manage medical appointments, understand treatment options, care for their loved one, and somehow manage to keep "life" and themselves together in the process. Helping a caregiver do their job helps an entire family live through a very difficult time."

    —Terri W., caregiver to husband, Bill

A lung cancer caregiver is often the field manager for the person with lung cancer, without previous knowledge or tools to effectively fulfill that role.  The bulk of responsibility can fall on the caregiver, and many times the caregiver does it all and neglects caring for themselves.

Because of the lack of resources available specifically for lung cancer caregivers, many feel isolated and lack supportive people around them. Here at the CRC, caregivers can gain knowledge, learn caregiving tips, get support from others, and gain hope.

The CRC is a dedicated place where caregivers can access an online community 24 hours a day with peer-to-peer support and advice from others who have been in their shoes. Caregivers can find information, tools, and resources to effectively carry out the caregiver role.

The Caregiver Resource Center will arm caregivers with information on what to expect after a lung cancer diagnosis; what questions to ask; how to help the patient; ways to take care of themselves; and resources available.